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John Liu, head of Google Greater China business located in left unchanged

July 14 is the last time Google John Liu, vice president of global identity, attend 2013 APEC CEO Summit. After a day, the leader Google Greater China for six years in charge of announcement will soon leave.

Yesterday, Google, responsible person to the "First Financial Daily" confirmed the news, saying Google European strategic partnership to expand business leader Scott Beaumont, will be held in August to take over Google's operations in Greater China business.

September 2009, after leaving the Kai-fu Lee, Google Greater China, its business and operational aspects of the task fell to the original charge of sales of Google's global vice president John Liu's shoulders.

But in John Liu took over Google China business a few months later, Google began to adjust market strategy in China. January 2010, Google was first proposed "consider withdrawing from the Chinese market," March, Google decided to web search, news search and other services to Since then, Google's market share in China declining from six months up to 30% to about 20%.

In many occasions, the media, John Liu has repeatedly correcting the media in question using the "Exit" the word that the search interface from. Cn moved., just made a technical transformation, stressing that "Google is actually never left over China. "

For this "Exit storm", and afterwards John Liu told this reporter that, as a professional manager, when two of the biggest challenges they face, one is how to channel integration, the second is how to stabilize the team.

He told reporters emotion, "in my future career inside, if at a certain time to sit down to a cup of tea in retrospect, these will never be able to let me go aftertaste, so I went lamenting things, this is really Great ye can imagine how such a group of people who come over. "

John Liu hopes his lead, let Google China to regain the feeling of growth, and stressed that Google China's export business major development effort, display advertising and mobile Internet advertising three business while on the client side, the whole aspect of the product end and staff some layout.

But looking forward to harvest Google China, but had to face the market share in China retreat dilemma. Statistics show that from a third party, Google in China search market share from a peak of 30% to now only about 3%. During shopping search, music search and many other businesses have also suffered localized shut down.

In shutting down music search service, Google also been partners Whale Music founder and CEO Chen Ge's accusations that Google out of China from 2010 advertising sales almost stopped after the music, but has repeatedly refused to sell advertising whales application, "Google has become since from 2010 and before a completely different Google."

For John Liu, Google's performance in recent years, insiders compared him to "a competent look at the family." This may have a real embarrassment. Google has been promoting the localization of Kai-fu Lee, who wrote about the American Internet company in China failed because an article in which he spoke of "localization team unauthorized" flawed, such as "Google operation, the right policies, products, Data Center rationing, user interface, and even graffiti, must be approved through the Google headquarters, not to mention each employee hired. "

This may also mean that the fate of John Liu converting on Google in China's development much impact, according to his successor Scott Beaumont resume, a person close to Google told reporters, indicating that the next Google China will mobile and display advertising as a development priority, Google in China is not short-term policy change much. Successor, who loves challenges can restore the decline, the time will give the answer.